Bondage3Ball Ticket Vendors




In order to get into "The Ball" you must have a ticket so these are the locations to pick up your ticket for the next ball:


Tickets are $ 15.00 in advance, or $ 20.00 at the door.


Those who try to gain entrance to “The Ball” without "Fetish Wear" will be charged a Voyeur Rate of $40.00 per ticket!


The Osborne Village Inn
160 Osborne Street
(204) 452-9824


Love Nest
1341 Main Street
(204) 589-4141


Love Nest
3737 Portage Avenue
(204) 837-6475


Love Nest

172 St Anne’s Road

(204) 254-0422



Fantasy Boutique

88 Albert St

(204) 956-7399



River City Ink and Steel

776 Corydon St

(204) 475-4943


Staff of "The Ball"

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