balllogo_new All About "The Ball"

We like to refer to this next area as “Everything you ever wanted to know about “The Ball”, but were afraid to ask. 

Think of the next two areas as a “Hitchhikers to Guide to “The Ball”:

The first area is dedicated to the Rules, Regulations and the expected behaviour for those attending “The Ball” whether they are Virgins or the very experienced person.

The second section is more about what happens, what is available, what to wear, what options there are for activities and, generally,  what to expect. 

It is a bit overwhelming at first but you will soon feel more and more relaxed.  

The Ball is usually very busy and full of folks having fun and enjoying thenselves.  There is absolutely no discrimination allow,  

So, as Thumper's father says, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"


The basic rule is:


"What Happens at the Ball; Stays at the Ball"



“The Ball” Rules

No minors - proof of age will be required.

No means no. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. (Please direct any complaints to the door personnel for immediate action.) 

No cameras or media recording devices (including cell phone cams).

No genital contact.

No breaking of skin.

No asphyxiation. 

No urination or defecation outside of washrooms.

No soliciting.

No beverages purchased outside of the premises will be allowed in.

No drugs.

No interrupting scenes.

No homophobia or racism will be tolerated.

Fetish attire only! Fetish attire is defined as:

  • Exposed breasts and nipples are allowed! The anus and genitals must be adorned or covered (Full Nudity is not allowed.)

  • Leather (vest/jacket itself is not enough)

  • BDSM Gear and/or attire

  • Black jeans or modified blue jeans are allowed (but not unmodified blue jeans)

  • Lace items

  • Lingerie

  • Latex, PVC, Rubber, Spandex, Zentai and etc.

  • Costumes and adult uniforms

  • No children’s uniforms are allowed

  • Gothic or industrial attire

  • Cross dressing attire

  • Saran wrap

  • No T-shirts are allowed (other than official “The Ball” shirts and clothing)

You_will_behave_-_blue Please Play at your own risk.

Please direct any complaints or violations to the door personnel for immediate action.

Any violation of a rule may be considered as a justification for immediate eviction from the event without refund or other recourse.

Fetish Mistress/Master’s word is final.

A Guide to Attending “The Ball”

Following is a concise guide to what happens at “The Ball”:

What is “The Ball”?

“The Ball” is a fetish cultural event.

It is about different approaches to sex and sexuality. This means there will be a lot of people doing things you don’t see on television. Be ready for it. The most obvious groups will be people interested in bondage, swinging, cross dressing, gothic or industrial culture.

These come in every size, race, gender and orientation. The only groups not welcome at “The Ball” are pedophiles and zoophiles. All other sexual persuasions will be present and partying to the max. 

People are very open and friendly at “The Ball”. People go to “The Ball” to socialize with others who share similar interests. You can talk to almost anyone if you approach them with respect. 

What to Wear to “The Ball”

So you want to go to “The Ball” but don’t know what to wear?

In preparing for an event such as “The Ball” dress you need to be dressed appropriately.

Kinky_BootsAll attendees should be careful to dress in a way that visually expresses their fetishes to others with similar interests. Don’t be shy; everybody’s doing it!

Dressing in fetish attire is safe at “The Ball” because there is a strict fetish dress code. Everyone at “The Ball” is dressed in kinky clothing, so no one can tell tales out of school.

This even includes voyeurs whose fetish is just plain watching. 

For those foolish enough to wear daytime clothing, there is a $40 surcharge.

If you are unsure as to what constitutes fetish attire, stores such as, Lady Godiva Boutique, The Love Nest’s three locations or Ragpickers Anti-Fashion Emporium are highly qualified to help you make your debut in the very finest of style.

For those on a budget plan, feel free wear your favorite bit of lingerie or a pair of kinky undies (avoid "y" front gitch from the bargain store).

Full Nudity is not allowed but exposure of the nipples and breasts is fine. (You must keep your genitals and anal area covered or adorned)

Facilities for ‘changing” are available, so you can arrive in street clothes, and once you are happily inside, change into your shiny new fetish attire.

About Rules of Attendance

Dungeon_EntranceEntrance into “The Ball” is intoxicating.

You step out of the ordinary world into a space filled with your wildest dreams; only this time it’s for real.

However, “The Ball” is not some brothel where everything goes.

Quite the opposite is true. There are some basic rules everyone must follow. Most of them are the obvious courtesy, health and safety considerations. 

The first and most important rule is respect. Treat people with respect and chances are they will do the same for you. You can talk to just about anyone about anything at “The Ball” as long as you do it with respect. If you are not sure what the appropriate conduct is, just ask. Most people will be quite happy to tell you all about it. 

Similarly, never touch anyone without asking first. If you simply must feel someone’s lustrous latex lingerie, ask for permission before you commit a social faux pas.

If they say yes, then it’s okay. If they say no; “No Means No”!

For the safety of everyone involved, people who touch others without their consent are permanently ejected from ““The Ball””.

There is no second chance on this matter.


Remember that: “What happens at “The Ball”; Stays at “The Ball”!”


The other rules tend to be health oriented such as “anus and genitals must be covered” and “no genital contact”.

It is also a good plan to take it easy on the alcohol because if you get drunk you will miss half the fun.

The final rule is our favourite “You will have fun, now!” 

What Happens at “The Ball”

There are lots of things happening for the enjoyment of one and all.

Glass_of_Beer  The Bar and Beverages

The Osborne Village Inn provides us with a charged liquor bar.

There are most common standard alcohol beverages available including liquor, beer, wine and a variety of mixes.

The rules in regards to this area and privilege are set by the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission and the Hotel (The Osborne Village Inn), Ozzy’s Nightclub and all serving personnel must observe these rules to the letter.

Non-Alcoholic beverages such as water or pop are also available for purchase.

Remember to Drink Responsibly and Never Drink and Drive. 

Music_DJ_Graphic Dancing

There is a live DJ and a dance floor area.

The DJ plays all evening (except during announcements and the entertainment) and does take requests if you would like to hear something special.

The DJ is always experienced and tends to pump out the best of new current music and/or music that has a "Ball" and/or BDSM music.

The dance floor area is pretty steadily busy through most of the evening and many take advantage of the music and opportunity to meet others and enjoy yourself. 


Often there is an entertainment session provided by various groups and individuals on the stage area of the club.Pole_Dancer

In the past there have been such things as:

  • Belly Dancing
  • Performances by Artists of all types
  • Bondage Demos
  • Mini Burlesque Routines
  • Pole Dancing Demos
  • Scenes
  • Fashion Shows
  • Musical Performances

And we look forward to presenting more varieties of Entertainment in the future.

leather_whipErotic Shopping Area

You can actually go shopping at ““The Ball””, so don’t forget to bring some spare cash if you are looking for something specific.

There are booths opened by all sorts of sexually oriented businesses from boutiques to book stores, and jewellery to dungeon gear, each with goods for sale.

There are some wonderful craftsmen and their prices are very reasonable. Some will even take special orders from you for just the right piece of erotic gear you have been looking for everywhere.

Each individual or company makes their own rules for ordering and purchasing items so be sure to discuss the details before completing your transaction.

You can often find that special item you have been searching for in this one stop nocturnal shopping extravaganza.


The Dungeon

Blue_BondageThere is a play area available for those who would care to use the area and a viewing area if you would prefer to just watch, for now.

There are strict rules for play, they must be followed exactly and they are posted around the Dungeon area. It is a good idea to read them before you play.

The Dungeon Rules are set mainly for “Safety” reasons and if you have any questions in regards to interpretation of the rules, please ask for clarification.

You must provide your own toys if you are going to play and it is absolutely expected that the play equipment you use is left cleaned and sanitary.

Respect_in_Chinese_ChraractersThere are usually a few Dungeon Masters / Mistresses available and they are to be consulted if there is any miscommunication or clarification in regards to play or the rules that guide play.

Remember the Dungeon Master/Mistress has the final say.

After “The Ball” Is Over

Everyone is warmly encouraged to make personal arrangements for after “The Ball”.

One good approach is to rent a room at the hotel. Rooms are convenient and affordable at the Osborne Village Inn but remember to book early as the hotel often fills quite quickly on “The Ball” nights.

Having a room at the hotel means that if you get lucky, or just party hard and need to rest for a moment or two, comfort is at hand.


So if you want more spice in your life than just another Saturday night at the neighborhood bar, check out;


“The Ball”

Ozzy's Nightclub (downstairs)


The Osborne Village Motor Inn

160 Osborne Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba


If you need more information call (204) 452-9824

You can also email us or check out our community forum.   


Bring a friend and you can compare notes afterwards. 

One thing’s for sure:

You'll have a special smile on your face for a week after “The Ball”.

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